Its scientific name is Crataegus mexicana and it is a species of hawthorn known by the common names of tejocote, manzanita, tejocotera and Mexican hawthorn. It is native to the mountains of Mexico and parts of Guatemala, and has been introduced into the Andes. The fruit of this species is one of the most useful among the hawthorns. The seed and root of tejocote are recognized as having great health and weight loss benefits. The name of its presentation is Alipotec Tejocote Root.
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Its name comes from the Nahuatl texócotl. It is a language of the Uto-Aztecan family of Mexico, which means wild or hard sour fruit. It is also known as Indian apple. It grows on a medium-sized tree native to Mexico and Guatemala called manzanillo. The states with the highest production of this fruit are Guerrero, Oaxaca, Jalisco, Michoacán and Durango. In USA and Canada it is known as Tejocote Root.
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Tejocote root has many uses and properties. One of the main ones is that it helps us to detoxify our body and it is also a powerful remover of accumulated fat in our body. Its popularity is very wide in Mexico and in the United States; and more and more it is spreading all over the world, for its health and weight loss benefits. It is widely used for the preparation of tea infusions with the dried tejocote root. It serves to regulate heart activity and blood pressure, also against nervous spasms, angina pectoris, arteriosclerosis and obesity. Improves the functioning of the intestinal and urinary tract.  It cleans and detoxifies the organism eliminating adiposities and hard fat, very difficult to remove. It also helps to reduce blood glucose, fluid retention and relieve hemorrhoids.



Alipotec Tejocote Root is a 100% natural supplement, made from the pure root of the tejocote tree. Its main function is to burn body fat and regulate or maintain weight control. Alipotec is pure Tejocote root, carefully harvested and prepared for human consumption. Alipotec can help you lose weight and eliminate fat in your body thanks to its high content of Pectin, Vitamin C and other unique natural micronutrients from the Tejocote Root. Alipotec is the safest way to take tejocote root and guaranteed that you get the natural benefits that come from the tejocote plant. It is not chemically processed and contains no preservatives. It is organic, pure and 100% natural.

Alipotec Presentations

Alipotec Pure Root

Alipotec tejocote is the pure root in pieces which is the classic version par excellence known. It comes in Mexican and USA versions..

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Alipotec Capsules

Tejocote Root Capsules has the same benefit with other natural ingredients such as flaxseed and oats. It is authentic Tejocote root..

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Alipotec MicroDoses

Alipotec tejocote microdose content in tablets. It is the pure authentic extract of the root 100% natural and organic..

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Presentation Alipotec Pure Root

It is 100% Natural Tejocote root presented in small micro-doses or tablets. The bottle contains 90 pills for 3 months of use.

Presentantion Alipotec Capsules

Alipotec capsules are a 100% Natural product. Each capsule contains 500 mg of a formula of pulverized Tejocote Root combined with Flaxseed, Oats, Bran and Nopal. Each bottle contains 90 capsules for 3 months of use.

How to Take Alipotec

Just take 1 dose daily in the morning with breakfast, or the most important meal (but not on an empty stomach). Remember to drink enough water during the day and posatio rich foods such as: Bananas?, Beets ?, White beans, Spinach ?
A good supplement to combine with Alipotec is Moringa.

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Alipotec Benefits Raiz de Tejocote


✅ Detoxifies the body by releasing toxins, promotes blood circulation, because it helps to produce hemoglobin.

✅ It is an ideal supplement for diabetics, because it lowers blood glucose levels.

✅ High in vitamin C and calcium.

✅ Strengthens the immune system.

✅ Neutralizes free radicals and burns fat.

✅ Improves constipation problems and regulates the number of times you go to the bathroom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is ALIPOTEC taken?

1 dose is taken daily with the 1st meal of the day. The bottle contains 3 months doses. Presentation in tablets or capsules of the tejocote bone.

It is recommended to be ingested from 18 years of age onwards.

Yes, you can indeed take it without any problem. Keep in mind that you must take it according to the recommendations.

Each organism is a different temple, and can vary in each person, so on average you should notice it from the first 2 weeks, in the first month you will notice the deflation of your abdominal area. And after a month and a half, you will notice that you have lost sizes. Be constant.

The results depend a lot on the discipline with which you take it. Be constant and you will appreciate the good results in a few weeks. We recommend taking it for at least 6 months. The product works from the first few weeks, first you will lose size and then pounds..

Alipotec detoxifies the body. So the first few days you may have frequent bowel movements (this will be only a few weeks) while you are starting the weight loss treatment.  The first thing is to cleanse the body, then it burns the accumulated fats..

Alipotec from the beginning you start to burn body fat and lose potassium.  This could cause -not necessarily- some sensations such as: fatigue, slight headache, sleepiness, tiredness. That is why you should drink plenty of water and include in your diet foods rich in potassium (banana, tomato, avocado, beets, etc.

Alipotec Tejocote Root is 100% natural – keep in mind to buy the original -, it does not cause any harm in the short or long term, on the contrary, it has many benefits for the body. 

It’s okay. Just relax and trust. It’s normal to crave weight loss. Alipotec in a potent fat burner, but it won’t do immediate liposuction.  First you drop in size, and then you drop the pounds. When you lose sizes you eliminate the accumulated fat that is more difficult to lose, on the other hand, when we lose kilos quickly: we lose liquids and not fat. When you lose weight, it is easier to recover the lost kilos. While if you lose size, the effect is more lasting.

It is a decision you have to make. But the recommendation is that if you continue taking Alipotec, you will be able to eat balanced and no longer gain weight, on the contrary, the product continues to work toning your muscles and leaving you with a firm body. Once you have reached your ideal weight, just reduce the dosage to daily or every 3 days. There is no time limit to consume it.

Yes, it is normal.  When the detoxification of the body begins, the metabolism is changing, including the hormonal process. 

Yes, it has no side effects and does not affect any medication. Alipotec is a 100% natural product without pharmacological processes..

No. Today it has not been proven that the consumption of tejocote root itself causes any serious damage to the kidneys. Of course, we always try to advise people very well on how to use it, and that you should take the respective instructions necessary to stay hydrated and fed as normal.


At my age (52), it has been a challenge to lose weight. I have a busy schedule, I don’t have time to exercise like I should. I have been taking this product for almost 6 months and have lost almost 35 pounds without exercising! I try to drink 60 ounces of water every day. Alipotec curbs my appetite and therefore my portions are significantly smaller than ever before.

Amanda Freeman

My wife and I use this and in six months I have lost 40 pounds and my wife has lost 35 without exercising, just eating right.What I love about this product is that it works! Be patient with this product and let it do its thing. 

Jasmin Garcia

I have lost 36 pounds in 5 months, don’t give up, it works very well…. I have lost 3 dress sizes, I still can’t believe it. I am so happy. I don’t exercise and I eat what I want. I take it at night. The only side effect I had was sore muscles the second week, but it didn’t last long. I have tried for so long to lose weight, but nothing worked. It wasn’t until I tried this product, that I was finally able to achieve my goal.

Alycia Camarena

I have lost another 15 pounds and dropped another size, so as of today from the day I started taking this (2 1/2 months) I have lost a total of 32 pounds and 4 sizes. I would recommend it to anyone struggling to lose weight.

Gaby Escalera

I lost 21 pounds in six months and continue to lose slowly. There are no negative side effects other than going to the bathroom more, which is not bad for your health at all. The taste is bitter, but it’s just a small piece of root to swallow. 

Leah Castro

You want the real root and this is it. At first they work as a cleanse and then slowly begin to slim down. You should drink lots and lots of water and eat bananas or take a potassium supplement with them. You will not be disappointed. Give it time. They don’t work overnight, but it works.

Maria Perez


Here are some of the testimonials from men and women who use Alipotec tejocote root for weight loss and other health benefits. See the before and after results of using Alipotec. Thousands and thousands of people every week join the ranks of satisfied consumers for their results.

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