Tejocote Root for Weight Loss

The tejocote root removes and breaks down fats stored in the body, which are then expelled through feces. It also detoxifies the body of toxins that do not let you lead a healthy life. So if you suffer from obesity, overweight or just want to maintain your size; Alipotec tejocote root to lose weight, is the natural supplement par excellence that fulfills that function.

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How to take tejocote root for weight loss

It is a dietary supplement whose most important function is to help the reduction of actual weight and height. It treats obesity in a natural way, without extensive exercise routines or super tasteless diets. It eliminates that accumulated body fat that is so difficult to remove. It acts from the adipose cellular tissue (Fatty Tissue) dilating it. Softening and releasing the fats that are subsequently expelled as body waste in the feces. This metabolic process of acceleration to burn fat and detoxify the body, you achieve it by taking tejocote root in daily doses. Explained below

The first thing to keep in mind is to never take it on an empty stomach. It is strictly necessary to take it after the first most important meal of the day. Drink plenty of water during the course of the day and in the following days. In addition, hydration with water will always be a good ally to maintain good health. Try to consume foods rich in potassium. And that’s all you have to do. But to make sure this plan sticks in your memory, we will illustrate it as follows.

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Take tejocote with the first meal of the day. Never on an empty stomach. Take only 1 dose per day. Either pure root or capsules.

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Drink plenty of water during the day. Keep the body hydrated. The body is detoxifying and should not lose hydration.

Add to your daily diet, foods rich in potassium such as: bananas, papaya, green vegetables, avocado.

How long should I take tejocote root?

This is a question we constantly receive. And the answer has a fundamental basis. The 1st is during the weight loss process, and the 2nd is the weight maintenance process. Well, the bottle comes with a 3-month dose, so the initial treatment is for that period. At 90 days you must have lost weight necessarily. Remember to be polite with your meals. When you see these results you want to go for more, so another 3 months is perfect. That’s 6 months in a row and you have lost weight. Now the 2nd phase is to maintain. Here you can alternate taking tejocote inter monthly. One month you take it and the next month you stop and evaluate your body and metabolism. If everything is fine, continue. If you see that you are gaining weight again, go back to the 3 month treatment.
We recommend that for weight maintenance, you do some tests to take and to evaluate your behavior.
In summary, Alipotec tejocote root for weight loss, does not bring negative consequences, being a 100% natural product. Let’s keep in mind that nature provides everything we need to be healthy. Even most pharmaceuticals are products based on plants processed with other chemicals. Fortunately, Alipotec tejocote root is not a drug, it is an extract of the root directly into the bottle.

How can I accelerate the result of tejocote root for weight loss.

Dear, when it comes to losing weight, we must be honest with ourselves. We set a goal or a target and go for it. We just suggest a little bit of changes in your daily routine, which is so easy that sometimes we fail, but this is not going to be your case.
Keep in mind these 5 recommendations to accelerate the result or effect of tejocote root:
1️⃣ Have 5 «moderate» meals daily, to speed up the metabolism.
2️⃣ Ingest foods rich in potassium, to compensate for what you lose through urine.
3️⃣ Drink 2 liters of water daily, for rapid mobilization of fats.
4️⃣ Don’t skip meals.
5️⃣ Do at least some physical activity. It doesn’t have to be extreme or subject to exertion.

Just enjoy a cool walk in the park, take some stairs instead of the elevator, don’t use the car to go shopping around the corner and the like. Just give your body something different that is good.
Check out the benefits of tejocote root by clicking here.

Are there risks of overdose when taking tejocote root?

A few lines above we just mentioned it. It is a natural product, direct root extract from the plant to the container, so there is no risk if you take the dosage indicated for each day. Otherwise, if you exceed the daily dose, you may have strong bowel movements, chronic fatigue and some fatigue.

Tejocote Root to treat food anxiety

This is another of the benefits of tejocote root. Controlling food cravings. By doing the treatment will have a satiety effect with little amounts of food, which is why above we commented that it is advisable to make 5 meals a day moderate, so you will not feel so hungry and accelerate your metabolism.


By physiognomy or nature, women have a tendency to suffer from cellulite with a minimum of body fat. Because the estrogen hormone is responsible for their muscle mass is not so high and therefore the likelihood of having cellulite is higher.
It is now proven that drinking tejocote tea also helps to eliminate cellulite.
The pills or capsules also do it, but drinking tea is another way to consume tejocote, with very favorable results.

How to prepare
In a container place half a liter of water to boil.
When it is boiling, turn off the stove and add the natural dried tejocote root or the fruit. There are markets that sell it. Otherwise you can also buy it in tea bags, like any other infusion.
Let it stand for a while and drink it hot or lukewarm. According to your preference.
You can do this daily.

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