Following our goal to inform all our customers and users, who ask us if Alipotec capsules or Alipotec pills (MICRODOSIS) have differences in use and different benefits. We are going to detail the differences: Alipotec capsules, Alipotec pills.

alipotec original capsulas y raiz

We want to start by saying that both presentations are 100% Natural, both Alipotec pills and Alipotec capsules, its purpose and use, has the purpose of detoxifying the body, fat burning and weight loss, and the presentations come from the tejocote root.


Presentation Alipotec Traditional Capsules:

alipotec raiz de tejocote prsentacion tradicional en capsulas

It is a 100% Natural product. Each capsule contains 500 mg of a formula of pulverized Tejocote Root combined with Flaxseed, Oats, Bran and Nopal. Each bottle contains 90 capsules for 3 Months of Use. «Remember the ORIGINAL Alipotec Tejocote Root products come in 3 MONTHS presentation and NEVER for 1 month of use«, Consult: How to Differentiate Alipotec Tejocote Root Original vs pirate or fake.

  • Pulverized Tejocote root:

It is the authentic tejocote root, which has gone through an artisanal process of drying and pulverizing, so that it can be mixed with the other ingredients that will achieve a faster result. This is the main ingredient in charge of burning fat, detoxifying and losing weight.

  • Linseed:

Linseed is included in Alipotec Capsules, due to its high content of dietary fiber that promotes digestion, helping to control the body in a natural way. 

  • Oats: 

Oatmeal is another excellent ingredient contained in Alipotec Capsules, since it is one of the best cereals that exist for weight loss, provides large amounts of protein, contains little fat and does not contribute any cholesterol. It has numerous nutritional properties, allowing our body to function better. 

Additional Oats:

1. Vitamins that provide energy to the body

2. Satiating effect, you will feel fuller during the day and avoid the temptation to overeat.

3. Fibers and Minerals

  • Bran:

The properties that bran contributes to Alipotec Capsules, stand out:

 1. Reduces Appetite

2. Rich in fiber

3. Regulates the Intestinal Transit in a NATURAL way.

  • Nopal: 

    Nopal cactus, is a very effective ingredient in Alipotec Capsules, as it has benefits that help detoxify your body and improve digestion. It helps reduce and control cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar levels.

“ You can Click Here ⏩ to see the Alipotec Traditional Capsules Presentation

New Presentation Alipotec ELV Capsules:

Nueva Presentación Alipotec ELV Cápsulas:

ELV Control is the new Alipotec Capsules, is the original Tejocote Root, with a new design in a unique bottle for more security, has the same philosophy of being a 100% NATURAL supplement for weight loss, fat burning, help metabolism, losing sizes and measures. It also tones your skin and fights cellulite. 

ELV CONTROL ALIPOTEC CAPSULES, contains in addition to 100% pure and pulverized tejocote root, Spirulina and Green Tea, giving an additional stronger reinforcement for those with slower metabolisms to lose weight and burn fat, or simply to obtain faster results.

  • Powdered Tejocote Root 100% Pure:

It is the authentic, 100% pure tejocote root that has gone through an artisanal process of drying and pulverizing, for the new formulation of ELV Control Alipotec Capsules, for faster results. It is the main ingredient in charge of burning fat, detoxifying and losing weight, in the body in a proper way.

  • Spirulina: 

Spirulina has a very important role in ELV Control Alipotec Capsules, since its composition is high in protein and nutrients. It contains an enriched cocktail of vitamins and minerals, we can highlight:

⏩ Iron
⏩ Zinc
⏩ Folic Acid
⏩ Essential fatty acids
⏩ Vitamins: A, C, E, D, B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12

⏩  Chlorophyll

One of the most important properties of spirulina, and the reason why it is included in the new Alipotec Tejocote Root Capsules supplement, is its effectiveness in weight loss diets. Spirulina contains a substance called phenylalanine, an amino acid capable of reducing appetite.

  • Green Tea:

Green Tea is an excellent natural fat burner, its thermogenic capacity increases the body temperature, accelerating the metabolism, eliminating a greater amount of adipose tissue. This is why we are sure that there is no other natural weight loss supplement more effective than ELV Control Alipotec Capsules. 

«You can Click Here, to see, ⏩ the NEW Alipotec ELV Capsules Presentation

Alipotec Pills 

Presentation Traditional Alipotec Pills: 

It is a 100% Natural supplement. It is proven to be a potent fat burner because it works at the cellular level. Made from the pure root of the tejocote tree. No chemical additives or preservatives. It has many benefits but its main function is to detoxify and burn body fat, mainly that which is accumulated and is not easy to remove.

Presentación Pastillas Alipotec Tradicional

  • Tejocote Root PURA chunks (MICRODOSIS)

Alipotec Pills, is pure Tejocote root, carefully harvested and prepared for human consumption, in an artisanal way in Mexico. It is organic, pure and 100% natural.

It is organic, pure and 100% natural. Alipotec Pills help you lose weight and eliminate fat in your body, thanks to its high content of Pectin, Vitamin C and other unique natural micronutrients that Tejocote Root has.

Check out the presentation of the ⏩ Alipotec Tradicional Pills.

New Presentation Alipotec ELV Tejocote Root Pills:

ELV Alipotec Pills is the same authentic Tejocote Root. Alipotec is the most recognized brand, as a weight loss supplement for Hispanics in the world, reaching other cultures, being this the best selling fat burner in the United States

Nueva Presentación Pastillas Alipotec ELV Raíz de Tejocote

Its new presentation is impossible to imitate, with a unique bottle design, which is patented for your safety. Elv Alipotec is the same 100% natural product made in Mexico, to lose weight, support the metabolism and lose size. It is the same pure and high quality Tejocote Root, carefully obtained and prepared in an artisanal way for human consumption.

  • Tejocote root ELV PURE PURE chunks (MICRODOSIS)

The Alipotec ELV Pills are still the same as the traditional presentation, 100% natural and are obtained from the tejocote root. The results, quality and effectiveness are exactly the same. It is obtained in the same way and control. Only the ELV Alipotec Pills has a unique and original presentation, to which more security locks have been added, so you can have full confidence that the product is genuine and free of piracy.

Check out the new presentation of ⏩ ELV Alipotec pills.

Conclusion on the Difference: Alipotec Capsules, Alipotec Pills

The Tejocote root in its presentations of Alipotec Capsules and Alipotec Tablets, have the same benefits of the root of tejocote, only that the presentation in Alipotec Tablets, is the pure root of tejocote.  While Alipotec Capsules, is the authentic pure Tejocote root combined with other elements, which make it a very effective supplement for weight loss.



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