The tejocote has become a true wonder of the 21st century. Many uses and benefits are attributed to its fruit and tree, making the tejocote a true ROCKSTAR of natural, alternative and organic medicine, its gastronomic, medicinal and industrial uses are increasing, its root, tree, leaves, flower and fruit are used in many ways. We are sure you don’t know what tejocote is used for, and everything you can take advantage of this beneficial plant.

“Read to the end and find out what the precious tejocote is used for.”

fruta de tejocote madura y verde

What is the Tejocote flower used for? 

The tejocote flower is used to prepare diuretic remedies.

How is the Tejocote Flower Prepared and Taken?

Place 3 to 5 tejocote flowers to boil in half a liter of water for about 15 minutes, let stand, take in the mornings and evenings.

flor de tejocote

What is the Tejocote leaf used for?

The tejocote leaf is excellent for lowering blood pressure, it also acts in the body as a vasodilator, improving blood circulation. The tejocote leaf is used to improve stomach digestion, it has a diuretic effect that acts on fluid retention in the body.

How is the Tejocote Leaf Prepared and Taken?

The green leaves of the tejocote tree are taken, preferably the most tender ones (about 30 leaves)

✅ Wash the tejocote leaves with abundant water.

✅ Boil the leaves with a liter and a half of water for 25 minutes.

✅ Let stand and store in the refrigerator and take about 3 times a day.

arbol de tejocote

What is Tejocote fruit used for?

The tejocote fruit is a fruit rich in vitamins A and C, in addition to calcium and iron, properties that serve to support the immune system, strengthens bones, and is effective to prevent anemia, tejocote fruit provides natural antioxidants for our body that serve to eliminate free radicals.

✅ Tejocote is much more effective than other fruits for the same purposes. 

✅ The tejocote fruit is rich in fiber, which is used to control glucose and cholesterol in the body. 

How is the Tejocote Fruit consumed?

The tejocote as a fruit is consumed in many ways, it can be eaten cooked and also fresh when ripe. 

One of the most common ways in which tejocote is consumed is in the traditional Mexican Christmas punch.

The tejocote fruit is also consumed in:

✅ Salads

✅ Salsas for meats

✅ Atoles

✅ Traditional Mexican Candies

✅ Piñata fillings

✅ Tea or infusions 

What is Tejocote Root and Seed used for?

In order to know exactly what the tejocote root is used for, it is important to understand where this root is obtained.

The tejocote root is obtained from the seed of the tejocote fruit, these seeds are found in the stone that is in the center of the fruit, and is cream colored.

raiz de tejocote cortada en trozos

Once the tejocote root is obtained, it is processed in an artisanal and natural way, free of fertilizers and pesticides to be consumed.

The tejocote root serves many purposes, the most important being:

✅ Eliminates accumulated fat.

One of the most important effects of tejocote root is that it will eliminate accumulated fat from the body naturally and progressively through feces and urine. 

✅ Reduces anxiety.

Say goodbye to that urge to eat many times during the day, tejocote root manages to control that craving for food and generates a feeling of fullness in your body, making you only consume the necessary meals during the day.

✅ Increases muscle volume.

As your body loses accumulated fat, the micro-doses of Tejocote root facilitate the growth of the body’s muscle volume, making it look stronger and more radiant.

✅ Firms the skin.

Tejocote root keeps elastin and collagen intact in the body, since it is a 100% NATURAL product, it does not destroy the muscle cells of the tissue, allowing the skin to recover quickly and become firm again in a short time.

✅ Prevents flaccidity.

Another of the functions of tejocote root is that it helps to prevent flaccidity, as the body loses fat and gains muscle mass, naturally flaccid skin will disappear, this is one of the best contributions of tejocote root. 

✅ Reduces cellulite.

strengthening muscles and avoiding flaccidity is the key to reduce cellulite, this is exactly what tejocote root does naturally, it contributes to strengthen and tone the skin, achieving in a few weeks a decrease of that annoying cellulite.  

✅Cleans arteries and heart of fats.

As the tejocote root eliminates fats from the body, the arteries are cleaned, improving circulation and facilitating heart function. It contains vitamin B and C which improves iron absorption in the body.

✅ Reduces high cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

The process of detoxification and natural elimination of fats contributes to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. When consumed, tejocote root has a positive effect in relieving pain in knees, joints and extremities.

✅ Controls blood sugar.

Tejocote carefully contributes to keep insulin levels calibrated, thus maintaining blood glucose at the correct level, providing an additional benefit to weight loss.

Reduces fluid retention.

Tejocote root, due to its high content of antioxidants and its effective diuretic effect, is one of the most consumed supplements to combat fluid retention naturally.

Improves metabolism.

From the moment the consumption of the tejocote root begins, the desire to eat will be significantly reduced. It is a great collaborator that improves the functions of the intestinal tract, helping to improve constipation problems and a great relief for hemorrhoids.

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Other Industrial Uses of tejocote

The tejocote is characterized by its high pectin content, therefore in the industrial sector it is used as a coagulant for the production of jellies and jams, the same pectin obtained from tejocote is used for the production of natural cosmetics.


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