It is native to the mountains of Mexico and parts of Guatemala, and has been introduced into the Andes. The fruit of this species is one of the most useful among the hawthorns. It is recognized for its great health and weight loss benefits.

Fruto del Arbol de Tejocote

Its scientific name is: Crataegus mexicana and is a species of hawthorn known by the common names of tejocote, manzanita, tejocotera and Mexican hawthorn.
It is a thorny tree up to 10 m high, the thorns are found on the trunk and branches, its bark is reddish gray, comes off in strips.
The flowers are hermaphrodite, solitary, with 2 to 6 flowers with white petals. The fruit is a knob similar to a small yellow-orange apple 1 to 2 cm in diameter, the seeds are smooth and brown, surrounded by a woody bone. They ripen in late winter.
Great properties are attributed to the regular consumption of tejocote root pills. The most important is that it purifies and purifies your body; and is a powerful fat burner that helps you lose weight even without exercise.
The tejocote root serves to combat obesity and reduce excessive anxiety between meals. In addition, it is effective in controlling cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body.

How do I use tejocote root?

Because of its high pectin content in its fruits, it is processed for use in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, textile and metallurgical industries.
The wood, being hard and compact, is used as firewood and for making hand tools. The leaves, buds, flowers and fruits also have many uses



Tejocote root is a 100% natural product that contains no preservatives, chemical additives or fertilizers. Try to purchase the roiz de tejocote alipotec original.
It goes through a strict manufacturing process which is explained as follows:
1.- The seed and root are extracted from the fruit.
2.- It is cut into smaller parts.
3.- They are taken to the oven for about 20 minutes.
4.- They are packaged in airtight bottles.


Tejocote Root Ingredients, Properties and Presentation

There are several presentations but the most common is in airtight bottles with 90 mini pills, for a complete treatment for 3 months. There are also bottles of 30 pills, bottles with 90 capsules, tea infusions.
Its main ingredients are 4:
▪️ Tejocote root extract
▪️ Crataegus
▪️ Vitamin C
▪️ Pectin

In summary, as a food supplement, the properties of tejocote are worth considering: It strengthens the immune system, due to a high content of Vitamin C. Body fats are oxidized quickly, thanks to Pectin. Strengthens bone health, due to its calcium content. It also contains collagen, which allows to eliminate stretch marks, flaccidity and cellulite.


What is tejocote root used for?

The functions are several associated with health and weight loss, as it is a powerful fat burner and above all, that which is accumulated, which is never easy to remove, unless with surgeries.So this is its most important function. But let’s talk a little about the rest of its functions which is divided into 3 parts, each one is explained in detail below:

Detoxifies the body
The tejocote root contributes to a good digestive function. That is, the digestive process is accelerated and allows food waste to be quickly expelled from the body.
In this way, a smaller amount of fatty toxins are produced, as they are burned by the acceleration of metabolism and you manage to lose weight gradually.From the first week, this detoxification process begins and it is very likely that you will notice more frequent visits to the bathroom. This stage or changes in frequency, has a duration of approximately 2 weeks. Then you level off or stabilize. To begin the next process. Burn the fats.

Burns and eliminates fat
The tejocote root acts as a dilator of adipocytes containing fats. Which are the cells that form the adipose tissue, with a content that represents 95% of the cell mass and that forms the constituent element of the fatty tissue. That is why it is so powerful and definitive, because it acts at the cellular level, from the bottom of the root of the origin of fats. In addition, the action of this product is continuous, because it releases fat from the abdomen, arms, legs and buttocks in a constant and progressive way, which are expelled in a natural way.

Weight and size loss
After the body has been detoxified, purified and cleansed of accumulated fats, the metabolism is accelerated and brings as a consequence, the desired weight loss. The muscles have more mobility as they are free of lipids which are the ones that prevent their proper functioning. It is a guaranteed victory that the only thing it asks of you, is constancy.

Who can take it?

Tejocote root can be ingested by anyone over 18 years old. Both men and women who wish to give a good supplement to your daily diet that will help you lose weight or lose extra pounds. In addition, people with some degree of obesity can also take it, as it reduces excessive anxiety between meals.
And of course, anyone who even not being obese, want to maintain their weight and enjoy the benefit of other properties of the Tejocote root
To learn more, you can consult the article by clicking here


⏩ Tejocote Root How to Take It ⏪

Tejocote root side effects

This is a list of side effects or symptom that you might experience, when you start taking tejocote root.  It does not necessarily happen to you, but there are probabilities depending on your organism:
✔️ Heavy or frequent bowel movements.
✔️ Muscle aches.
✔️ Headache.
✔️ Dehydration. This is why you should drink plenty of water.
✔️ Slight dizziness or fatigue.
✔️ Flatulence.

The good news is that this happens because the body is detoxifying and these side effects last only a few days. It does not happen forever or to everyone who takes the product. To maintain a normal process, it is recommended to take 1 dose daily
Many people wonder if tejocote root damages the kidneys, affects menstruation, or other side effects. Well, nothing could be further from the truth, taking into account that the tejocote root is a plant with enormous benefits and that many people testify of the before and after of the tejocote root alipotec.
We always say over and over again, do it with culture, with constancy. Do not exceed the doses and try to help your body with increasingly healthy routines. We don’t want you to become an athlete, or a person obsessed with dieting. It is not necessary.

Contraindications of Tejocote Root

Its safety is not yet proven for the following group of people, and that is why the consumption of tejocote root is not recommended for the following group of people:
Pregnant women, nursing mothers, children under 18 years and the elderly.
Also people who are allergic to the ingredients of tejocote root and with constipation, should not take it.
Finally, patients who are undergoing any illness or surgery should also not take the product.

does tejocote root damage the kidneys ?

Because it is a product that is a potent fat burner that works at the level of adipose tissue intensely, it has not been proven that the consumption of tejocote root, itself, causes any serious damage to the kidneys. Of course, we always try to advise people very well on how to use it, and that you should take the respective instructions necessary to stay hydrated and nourished as normal.There are still altered products or supplements based on tejocote, with chemical alterations to accelerate the metabolism and burn fat in a forced way.

Tejocote is a very popular product in the market.
In most cases these supplements that are called «supposedly natural», are added hormones and other elements such as amphetamines that can bring negative consequences for the body.

All these aspects cause an exaggerated acceleration of metabolism, which if the body is not properly hydrated and fed, is when a decompensation known as «metabolic shock» occurs, and this is when those effects occur that we do not want, such as high blood pressure, irregular heart palpitations, and finally damage to the kidneys.

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