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100% TEJOCOTE ROOT SUPPLEMENT – Tejocote Root Supplement is made of all-natural ingredients specially formulated to help you reach your weight loss goals.
90 DAY SUPPLY – Tejocote Dietary Supplement supports weight management and fights obesity when consumed with reduced calorie intake, and consistent physical activity. Take one (1) piece daily after a heavy meal.

3-STAGE SLIMMING PROCESS – Tejocote Root Supplement starts off with a two-week detox stage, then it gradually eliminates accumulated fat by converting it to energy. With continued usage, it results in weight loss.

HELPS CURB APPETITE – Tejocote is a herbal product known for the high amount of pectin, soluble fiber, and vitamin C. Pectin is great for appetite control because it gives a feeling of fullness when it absorbs water in the stomach.

EASY-TO-USE – Harvested, processed and formulated with high quality Mexican Tejocote Roots. Prepped to bring a healthy dosage of tejocote extracts and packaged in an FDA Approved packaging.